1. I wanted needed to post a few more photos of sweet, precious Penelope Grace. Mainly because I’m sure the world can never have enough photos of this adorable little one. Enjoy. :)
    Jessica Nadine Photography


  2. » Leah’s graduating from UCO! «

    Woo!! I’ve known Leah for several years now, from living in the UCO dorms and not too long ago working in the same office. So, getting to be part of this special moment in her life meant a great deal to me! I’m very excited for her future career and endeavors, and I’m sure she’s going to take the business world by storm.

    We had a great time walking around UCO, capturing the beautiful spring colors as well as the more traditional parts of campus. We talked about how some day the renovation of Old North will be finished (well, we hope), and she and I will come back to this campus and actually get to walk in and explore the historic building. I can’t wait for that day!

    Also, a big shout out to Xavier for being an awesome assistant on this shoot - I’ll be posting some of his awesomely fun and unique senior photos soon as well! Congratulations to you both, and thank you for letting me capture your awesome accomplishments!


  3. My brother is GRADUATING!
    This is so very strange, but I’m [slowly] getting used to the idea. We took some photos for him awhile back as well, but since my brother and sister are… well, my brother and sister, I get to choose to take them out for two photo sessions for their senior year! My parents will never be lacking in photos of their kids from now on. Haha.

    Anyways, here’s some of the photos I took of him last weekend in downtown Tulsa. The weather was perfect, we found some fun, new spots, and I really enjoyed just getting to hang out with him and chat for a couple hours. I don’t get to do that very often since we live over an hour away, so I am very grateful for the opportunities when they come up. :)

    Oh and I can’t forget. We also nearly got locked out of the truck while Jimmy was wearing a lovely Christmas vest in the middle of the city, but thankfully we narrowly escaped. Close one. (True story)


  4. Had the opportunity to shoot some portraits of this stunningly gorgeous lady yesterday at the capitol, and in addition to the other like 80 photos I love that I got of her, ha, she just looked super classy and lovely in this soft black and white.
    Also, I just really enjoyed getting to hang out with her and her sister Tess (my sweet friend from the office, recently turned photography assistant) for an hour! Btw Tess, I need to see that ridiculous selfie we took at the end of the session. Ha.

    Love my job and love the fact that spring is finally here! Goodbye you terrible Oklahoma winter!